Saturday, January 11, 2014


good EARLY morning to you!

:: ici ::

as you can see, i am messing around with my blog once again!

yesterday, i was experimenting, and...i ran out of time! 

i had to get to work... i had to leave "mid stream"!

this morning i finished the new banner and font. it will be fun for a while.

i must admit, blogger has been a bit temperamental of late!

i have had some difficulty leaving comments this week!

:: ici ::

today is going to be busy.

when i finish here, i am down to the family room staging area

for the last of the Christmas "purge and shelve"!

then it's time to shower and take Mom for new make up!

:: ici ::
(ooooooh i love all of those slouchy boots, right now!)

she has been wanting to try mineral makeup.

  so...that's what Mr D and i gave her for Christmas!

mind you, my sweet Mr D went to work at 3 am, (this

morning), so he could be home for the Seahawks game at 1:45!

it's crazy around here!

:: ici ::

our HAWKS have to tackle the SAINTS today.

(just the name SAINTS and it's divine connection always 

makes me nervous!)


samedi bleu!

(i am beginning to think as long

as we are winning, every day is going to be blue around the 

Pacific Northwest! i told you that it is crazy around here!)

have a great day in YOUR Saturday shoes!



  1. I GOT KNOCKED OUT OF BLOGGER! This is my second attempt to leave a comment...

  2. OK, now to try to tell you what I started out with before I got kicked out of Blogger! I love your new header, and don't you just love that we can redesign our page when we want to? This is why I prefer Blogger to Facebook! BON SAMEDI LYNNE! Anita

  3. My husband's office is located below the hotel that the Saints are staying. He literally ran into the team yesterday (in his Seahawk attire:) We will be watching and I hope it's a win!!

    Have fun with your mom today. The mineral make up is a good choice and one I recommend for my patients that have sensitive skin. It also has a SPF!

    The slippers look so cozy! xxleslie #GOHAWKS

  4. Lynne,
    I like those slip on shoes with the mustache. And your new Header is so charming. Have fun today with the game!


    1. I knew those would be fun to share! I feel the need to paint some canvas slip on's this spring!

  5. i love those slip ons… TOO cute. Hugs and have a blessed start to a new year.

  6. What a pretty banner, it looks great and I love, love those boots too!!

  7. The blog header is beautiful. I was having a lot of little glitches with blogger yesterday, but it all worked out.

    You reminded me that I have a pair of slouchy boots I haven't worn in awhile - the weather has called for flip flops. I need to dig out the boots.

  8. Yes, go Seahawks !!!
    Love your new header, cannot believe you did it.
    Good going, my friend.

  9. I love that blog header!! I messed around with mine trying to get Christmas off of it and ended up with a mess! So I used a photo as a header and took off the background and am waiting for Amber to work her magic when she gets a free minute. That may take awhile!
    I'm recording the game. Louis Dean is gone on errands but he didn't want to miss a minute!
    I've been out in the flower beds all afternoon and I am loving Texas weather today!!

  10. You come up with the best blog topics! I find your blog changes to be refreshing. I don't trust my photography enough to have a blog header I can play with.

    I've been wearing the Bare Mineral's powder foundation for years. I just found it being sold on for $15.00 a shot, compared to $27.00 at Sephora. If you can get a deal on shipping, even better. If not, it's still better than Sephora.

    Happy Saturday, Lynn!


  11. This is such a fun post and I love the fuzzy slippers.


  12. Good morning sweet friend! THank you for coming with what I "feel" is a heart full of LOVE! Enjoy the obvious beauty around you and that which is hidden in the most unlikely places! BISOUS BISOUS, Anita

  13. Hi There, This is a terrific post! You should do what you enjoy and be natural !!! inspired by you ! It's wonderful to see your each and every post. I simply adore your work ! And hope to see more of your creative endeavors soon ! Wish you and your family a very Happy and Blessed New Year!!!
    Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!