Friday, January 10, 2014


bonjour Friday!

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most of you know that i work in the field of health care.

it's been one year since our private practice

was sold to the largest health organization in our city and county.   

last year at this time i was stressed to the max, on the 

threshold of going to work for a new, HUGE company. my biggest fear

was learning the new computer programs.

the year was jam packed with learning.  the field of health care

is on a fast track of transition.

i am grateful for a good job at this time in my life.

i only have four and one half years until retirement.

 on New Year's Eve, (when i was sick as a dog

with that horrendous virus) , i received one of my best performance

reviews...ever, from my manager, who happens to be the

very same age as my daughter.  it's was one of those

moments where "livelihood" crossed over into "life and living".

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now that i am on the subject of  L I V I N G ...

what i have never told you is that our private practice

included a MediSpa. 

when MultiCare purchased our practice, they kept the spa.

i don't visit the spa often...only once last year.

the lovely thing is...that...yesterday, through our office intranet,

the MediSpa visited ME with a WELLNESS tip that i 

thought that i would share with all of you!

something that can be done everyday.

i am telling you, last night, i tried a few.

i slept so much better.

i tweaked my upper back when i was coughing last week.

when i woke up... the tweak was gone.

it could be a coincidence, but...i'll take it!

this morning, before i head upstairs to try all 5,

 i am paying this tip forward to all of you!

  1. Toe Points: Lay on your back and extend your feet, pointing your toes as straight as you can. Hold for several seconds as you take a deep breath, then flex your feet, bringing your toes back toward your legs and hold. Repeat at your own speed for a great lower leg and ankle stretch.
  2. Knees to Chest: Bend your knees and hug them to your chest as you exhale. Take a breath and bring your knees closer as you exhale for a deep hamstring stretch. This is also a great way to relieve lower back tension. Try it from the floor for even better results.
  3. Spinal Twists: Keeping your knees bent, extend your arms away from your body to the bed. Slowly lower both knees to one side, twisting for a spine stretch. Hold for several seconds, then raise your knees and lower to the other side. 
  4. Chest Stretch: Straighten your legs, move to the edge of the bed and extend one arm off the side, allowing it to relax as you feel a stretch across your chest. As you exhale, allow your arm to drop a little lower. Repeat on the other side of the bed to stretch both sides of your chest.
  5. Neck Relaxer: Back in the center of the bed, keep your shoulders still as you try to touch an ear to one side on an exhale. Hold for a few breaths, then bring your head back to center on an inhale. Repeat on the other side for a deep neck stretch.
The health benefits of gentle stretching are numerous. By adding a few simple stretches into your daily routine, you can alleviate stress, increase range of motion, improve circulation and flexibility, and more.

have a wonderful weekend!

stay warm!

i'll be by to catch up on my visits.

as always, i so appreciate your lovely, kind, gracious, and

sometimes, very helpful comments!

before i go...i have to say it...GO HAWKS!

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bleu vendredi!

( i am so touched by l'esprit d'équipe in the Pacific Northwest right now!)



  1. Ahhh! Great minds think alike! I am trying to get in better shape.

    I have a new series entitled "My Favorite 5". The premise is that I will showcase a blogger each Friday to share their favorite 5 (fill in the blank). I thought about you and wondered if you would like to contribute your Favorite 5 tips/tools for beautiful gift wrapping?

    1. Sure, Laura!
      Just give me a little notice.
      I will email you at lunchtime from work!

  2. Those are great tips Lynne… stretching really does feel good…. I always stretch between sets at the gym, but I don't always take time to do the stretches like you mention at home. I will try harder as I know the health benefits are great. Have a wonderful Friday…

  3. Merci (ou devrais je dire, mon dos vous dit merci?!)
    Bon weekend,

  4. Lynn,

    I want to congratulate on your review! That's just great and I know it gives you the self assurance to continue to strive for your very best! Kudos to you!

    Stretching is such a simple, mindful thing we can do for ourselves with thousands of great rewards. I've known this for a long time, just in the efforts I've made to be more active in the past few years as opposed to sedentary. It's nice to see some of these stretching techniques appearing in magazines and such. I've gotten so much from them, especially since my back injury. Thanks for these ideas. I'm going to add them into my routine!

    Happy Weekend!


  5. What a wonderful thing, Lynne. I am so glad that you got such a great review. Those next few years will just fly by. What medical system are you using? We went from Meditech to Epic and that was quite a learning curve.

    Great stretching ideas! xo Diana

  6. Congratulations!! That just HAS to make you feel good!!
    I am going to use your stretches! Before I got sick I was walking 1.7 miles every day and it was feeling good. Now I haven't done anything in two weeks! Stretching I can do! And I WILL!!

  7. Ma chère amie! BONJOUR SAMEDI!

    I am so late here, but after I leave for work in the morning, that's when most people post their new posts! Thank you for coming to visit and yes, I do believe Blogger is having some difficulties because I too have had trouble leaving comments! Thank you for not stopping!

    The only thing we can do in this ever-changing world that causes stress is to take care of our body, mind and spirits ourselves. Too much stress can swallow us up, but there are too many fun ways for all of us to get together with someone we love so we can STRETCH, WALK, GO TO THE WATER, SHOP (love it) or just get away from the unnecessary noises of the world. LIVE ON, LOVE ON! Anita