Monday, September 8, 2014


hello Monday!

hello lovelies!

Mr D staining yesterday morning.

the building of our deck is complete!

Michael did a fabulous job! 

he was assisted by his close friend Tom. 

it took three weekends and ten nights of  "after work 'til dark"!

( we lost one Saturday to rainfall. )

i kept the family room fridge loaded with Rock Stars, diet cokes, water and energy bars.

we provided home cooking and delivered the best of our area's take out!

Seattle's Top Pot Donuts

Tacoma's renowned Magic Sandwich Maker ( MSM )

Federal Way's Burger Express


Gyros from our neighborhood Mediterranean Gyro Grill.

Mr D said he was glad that the work was complete, but he was going to

miss having the daily activity his work buddies around the house.

the guy's had many bonding moments.

( dad's can be empty nester's too! )

what  a work party it was!

this morning on the new deck.

a little more staining and a day of backyard cleanup lies ahead.

the lawn took a toll with the building activity and heat.

there are piles of moved dirt to be sifted in the garden area.

this morning the mist has returned.

the view and the atmosphere are much different than yesterday.

Mr D is back at work as i write.

we return to routine...until next Saturday, when Holland Grace plays

in her very first soccer match!  for those of you that have been visiting

34th street since before her birth...doesn't it seem like yesterday?

coincidentally, her team is the COUGARS!






  1. I knew dad could not just sit and watch the deck be build/finished...he would have to get in there and do something. Excited to christen the deck!! It looks fantastic!!

  2. Your deck looks great Lynne! Enjoy!. Happy September
    Xoxo Mary

  3. Lynne, The deck looks wonderful. How nice that your husband's pals helped him. You can still have some nice get togethers on the new deck. Little Holland playing soccer. Bless her heart. xoxo,Susie

  4. Your deck looks wonderful, Lynne!

    Can't believe Holland is old enough to play soccer. Where does the time go?

  5. Good morning Lynne! FINISHED, FINI! Lovely work and enjoy it!

  6. How wonderful to have that beautiful deck and to be in the clean up stage. I know yo will enjoy a lot of time on the deck.

  7. It looks gorgeous! It will be so much fun to entertain and lounge out there on sunny days, Enjoy!