Monday, August 10, 2015

h o l d m e c l o s e r t i n y d o n u t s !

h e l l o o o o o o L o v e l i e s !

happy new week!

i LOVE this kind of stuff!  
( who out there is responsible for the image above?  if it's you, please let me know! )

this silly "meet cute" had me singing E.J.'s tiny dancer the rest of the day.

:: ici ::

 more food for thought happened when i landed on this image

:: ici ::

from a cool little online shop inspired by the super natural beauty around me.

then came the whim!
( a whim that transported me into a plan of action!)

where am i going with this?

:: to another local . . . amazon ::


 to grandma's house!
(can't wait to bake tiny donuts with my tiny donuts!)

we'll get frosted, sprinkled and eat cake for breakfast!


  1. I love donuts, Lynne! I haven't had one in soooooo long. What a delightful little donut pan. Oh, those donuts look so good. Wish I had one this morning. :~)

    Have a great week.


  2. What lucky little donuts! Enjoy the babies.

  3. Lynne, We'll going to Portland to visit our daughter, Katie this weekend and she wants to take us to Voodoo Donuts and Blue Star Donuts. Looking forward to some sweet treats!! Looks like you'll have some home cooked goodies too!!

    1. Voodoo Donuts is in a league of it's own. We are big into crazy donuts with fun names up here in the PNW! Have fun in Portland!

  4. My daughter said that Voodoo Donuts was great!

  5. Gotta love donuts! Those look wonderful… I know you guys have some great donut places up there…LUCKY! Tiny Dancer is one of my all time favorites EJ songs, had it in my head all day after reading this post.
    XOXO Mary