Friday, September 11, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . . r e t o u r n e r à l ' é c o l e

h e l l o L o v e s !

the Grinch and this grandmother have something in common.

hearts that GROW in their story.

* * * 

many of you have been with me since the get go!

. . . before i was a grandmother.

. . . when i found out i was going to be a grandmother.

. . . when i became a grandmother.

. . . when she was two and thought Ina Garten was me making smoothies on the TV.

. . . when her mom told me the story of finding her under her bed, (after falling out of it), 

and Holland looked at me and said . . . "grandma, i was only trying to hide in my perfect dream."

i began thinking about school clothes. just a few pieces to supplement

Chrislyn and Holland's plans for her wardrobe.

i was inspired by Maybelle's cursive calligraphy ribbon via Angela . . . 

i set to take a vintage approach, when seeking her clothes and accessories.

 a little "serendipity" happened at St Vincent de Paul !

4.99 - senior day discount = 2.50
( hmmm...missing belt? i'm going to grab it any way.)

i found this resource for children's leather and  "vegan" the chic way to say

it's not leather belts.   bought two skinny's. . . one red and one black.

(that's Chrislyn's tooth fairy!  soon it will be time to pass it on to Holland.)

H + 4 = Pre-kinder
( i remember thinking about this day on the day she was born)

. . . Wednesday, on her way to her very first day of school.

grandpa D. is responsible for her very first pair of "Hunters".

 she insisted on wearing them.

today, Mr D and I go back to school with a new generation.

 it's grandparents day at Holland's school!

 r e t o u r n e r   à   l ' é c o l e!

( i am guessing that she saved her vintage look for today.)



  1. What a cute picture of you and your grandchild, Lynne. Have a great time at Grandparent's Day at Holland's school. This picture of her is a treasure.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. I dream of the day when I have grandchildren.

  3. Aw...I can only imagine what joy I would feel ....and that picture! She is absolutely darling!

  4. Such sweet memories of little Holland, and being a grandma. Adorable pictures! How fun to go to school again and help with the grands , can't wait to be a Nonna and participate at school as I did with Priscilla…
    Have a wonderful time Lynne!
    XOXO Mary

  5. You know this child is after your own heart... she wants to wear and model what Grandpa D bought her. Such a sweet spirit in one so young. Hope you had a wonderful time at Grandparent's Day.


  6. Lynne, Last year was our last grandparents' day. Our Emma was the last. Once they go into 6th grade, there's no more special days to visit her school and sit by her desk, to see her work and hear her tales. It truly made me feel so sad. Two days ago, I found a sheet of paper that I had written about our last grandparents' day. I was thinking how sad for Ted and I...never thought if the grandkids ever felt sad about it...I kind of hope they did. I love the cute bargain you picked up for Holland. Hugs to all, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. hello to your mother.

  7. This is wonderful Lynne, GRANDPARENTS DAY ? never heard of it here at the scholls in California, if so I have missed it.

    They have grown so big and your handy work in the clothing department will have them sporting the best... I always loved dressing my daughter back to school, always over buying getting so wrapped up in the excitement of it all, and trying to buy afordable and unique saving the bucks for those Pink paten leather high top Dock Matins... yes she was four, my Hannah Bailey, C and spoted Docks with everything...I miss those days :(

    what a wonderful post, bringing back sweet memories for myself.


  8. What a lucky girl Holland is to have you for her grandma!!

  9. I have tears reading this! You are so blessed with your grand kids.

  10. How perfectly LOVELY!!!! You are so elegantly COOL!!! What a classy grandmother YOU are!!

  11. You are the most darling woman! Holland is blessed to have you. Sending much love.

  12. Lynne,
    How lucky the grand kids are to have a wonderful grandmother. You are so special!! Holland is just precious!! Can't wait to be a grandma too!