Friday, November 20, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y !

 it has been over a year since i stopped my monthly PINK POSTS,

and it's been weeks since i served french bread on friday.

( isn't it lovely that with one little rotation . . . party wrap becomes Christmas wrap?)

* * * 

last friday . . .  Paris.

i must give a shout out to Facebook for their brilliant "Safety Check" feature.
so many did not know if their loved ones were safe after the attack.

(with one click, all who love and care for you, are reassured your are safe.)

i have a blog friend who was dining at a sidewalk cafe earlier friday evening.

about 2:30 pm PST, i was in my office, away from media when
 facebook on my phone lit up and sounded as her family and friends were inquiring about
she and her family's safety.  a little bit later the safety check activated.

" I'm safe"

 i would have embraced this technology, having experienced a cell phone overload 
twice in 2001 with the Nisqually Earthquake and 9/11.


i have prayed much more than i normally do this past week.

i made some art.

i read and re-read my favorite quotes by Victor Hugo. 

i played music from the stage production of "Les Mis",

"A Little Bit of Rain"

as i watched the flowers grow at Bataclan on the Boulevard Voltaire,

"Can You Hear The People Sing?"

and as i heard the people sing!




we must not live in fear, but we must live to be more aware of what is happening around us.

each of us has a roll as a "protector".  a roll i learned through an observation of the British

citizens when i last traveled there in 1996,  nearly twenty five years ago.

gentle reminders.

 gentle guidance.

gently looking out for one another.

i felt that i was living among real life guardian angels.

and while we are on the subject of looking out for one another . . .

do remember the whole purpose of my pink posts?

"don't forget to check on the girls!"

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."

~Victor Hugo

Liberté, Liberté cherie's!


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  1. A beautiful post, Lynne. Such scary stuff to not know someone is safe...and then he flood of relief you feel hearing that they ARE safe.
    Thanks for a wonderful reminder. xo Diana

  2. Your posts are always filled with new-to-me and thoughtful expressions of your love and zest for life. You nailed it in your feelings on being gentle but aware. Definitely aware but not paranoid---how can one live that way?

    The safety check is such a great idea. I think of those who wait in airports after a plane going down or disappearing.

    Sending love,

    Jane x

  3. God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    II Timothy 1:7

  4. Such Beautiful words and Sentiment my dear! Sending you appreciation and love.


  5. It has been a terrible week listening to the news. Each time I see the face of one of the victims I want to cry. It is hard to have faith and figure this stuff out. I too have prayed a lot for all of those people and for us to find was to combat these people.

    I travel a lot and have been going to Paris every year for over 30 years I am heartbroken at the terror 6 people have managed to inflict on this beautiful city.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. OH Lynne. You and your beautiful postings even when life is pulling at us in every fearful direction. I love how you sooth fear and look at the safety check list as a great media source of comfort, yes Facebook did good and so glad you brought this to ones attention that may have not been aware of it. Technology has indeed advanced beyond fear I'm so many ways. During the big San Francisco earthquake we waited and waited to hear if loved ones were I'm harms way or trapped in buildings, there was not Facebook or cell phones to alert us of anything then but a check list medical or official.

    I had family in Paris a day before sitting at that very cafe tradity struck, we were blessed that there time was not then, prayers were heard over hear as well.

    Your Pink celebrates in so many way of positive outlook, yes "everyday is a fresh start."

    Beautiful well written post my friend.




  7. I want to go to Paris with several girlfriends after the first of the year. If the unrest in the world scares them away, I'll understand. Depending on the world situation at the time, I will probably go on ahead by myself. I've survived breast cancer and the death of two husbands and want to seize every moment without fear.

  8. I Have missed a few posts of my blogging friends. I thought of you during the Paris shootings. I am glad your friends there are safe. So sad for our allies. We do have to be aware now at all times. Blessings to you and your lovely family for a great new week and a happy thanksgiving, xoxo,Susie