Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the "10 ~ 4" on just checking!

if you have been following me for

for over a month, you may have noticed my

"just checking, because i LOVE you", pink posts.
today's post is a little bigger, in honor of 
~Breast Cancer Awareness Month~

tomorrow i will be celebrating one year blogging
about dreams and life here on 34th street.

 i am loving my journey and feel blessed to have met
so many wonderful friends along the way.

i remind you to check each month because i am a
breast cancer survivor.

there was no history of this disease in my family.
i implore you to check your family history and follow the guidelines.

i had a baseline mammogram at age 40.

the doctor was watching a
radial scar on the left side for NINE years...
one day in August 2009 she spied a tiny change.

~ glassybaby smooch! here ~

Stage one. 
 two small surgeries to 
assure the margins.
no lymph node involvement.
no chemo.
about 6 weeks radiation.
i still have both girls! 
 they don't even say remission
any more...the say


some people may think

that this pink stuff is overdone.
but, the awareness has saved lives.
before two years ago, i associated the color pink

with my bubble gum years and Elle Woods !

this is how i view the color PINK and the
beautiful ribbon today.

i will keep collecting the prettiest pink images 
to share once a month!
because i LOVE you all
 and i LOVE my life here on 34th Street.

[ w/L]


  1. Yeah for early detection! How blessed we are that you are CURED!!!!

    Congrats on your bloggy milestone but more important your booby victory. :)

  2. I too had a run in with breast cancer! Mine was nearly 11 years ago now and pretty much the same thing...had two places on my left breast removed and then 4 radiation treatments! No chemo, no radical treatments or removals. I still have little worrisome places from time to time but mammograms report all is well!
    I am also a firm believer in early detection!
    Love the pink and love your blog! Congratulations on your one year blogiversary!
    Have a great rest of the week!
    hugs from here

  3. Wonderful post! We have to maintain awareness year round. Your story is so inspiring and I am thrilled to know you are cured! Thank you for sharing your story!


  4. Cured! Yes, that's what I like to hear! Congratulations!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful post. I had a biopsy last year-cancer free..but scary. I work in a large hospital and it's "gift" to us is a free mammogram every year. God bless you for doing this if makes even one person more aware of a change and sends her for a mammogram you have more than done your job! xo Diana

  6. Wonderful post. And congratulations on your cure. It's such an important message especially to those of us with no family history of it either. Xo

  7. Beautiful and touching post~So glad you are cancer free!! xoxo