Friday, August 21, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

b o n j o u r L o v e s.

. . . a found image "parfait" for today!
( who captured this magic for me? do tell!  )

can you feel a moment of contentment and reflection in this image?

* * *

FboF, when i return to a simple moment of contentment that occurred

on a Friday, at the gare du Nord à Paris when i was 17.  
( apporter du pain )

a moment that slumbered within a life filled with a million magical moments . . .

. . . to awaken when i began to build this petite Friday french folly of mine.

* * * 

this week had it's little challenges.

i felt nervous.

i felt overwhelmed.

Dad sailed through his surgery.)

i felt relief.

i felt grateful.

Wednesday night, i felt sad before i fell asleep.  the sadness quickly transformed into

contentment knowing that i always awake happy in the morning.
( une personne du matin )

 isn't it comforting when life's challenges transform into magical moments?

tomorrow is Mom's 86th birthday.

we have reserved the private dining room in the home where she is rehabilitating for

a luncheon. Chrislyn is baking her a cake!  . . . and YES there will be French bread!

after all, it is my Mom who planted the "français" in me!



  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love hearing about how your parents are doing as well as how YOU are getting on!

  2. Blast...I want to be young , pretty , and eating French bread on the streets. LOL Happy birthday to your sweet mommy. Hug her for me. Blessings for a wonderful weekend. xoxo,Susie

  3. That first image brings back sweet memories. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday and everyone stays well. xo Laura

  4. I love that picture, the girl definitely looks French. And love those boyfriend jeans (wish I looked that good in mine!).

    So glad your father is doing well and a BIG Happy Birthday to your mom---86 years young! :)

    Jane x

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    That French bread looks so good!

  6. Wishing your mother a very happy 86th birthday.
    I like your way of overcoming worry and anxiety by recognizing you awake happy.
    Wishing you a happy cheerful week

  7. Wow Lynne, you've had a little stress in your life it seems… glad your Dad's surgery went well, and a happy belated birthday to your Mom! Wishing you lots of good things to come. Your beautiful Fall colors should be showing up for you up there before too long… Lucky!
    XOXO Mary

  8. Dear Lynne. I can definitely relate to the night-time worries that are quickly transformed by the morning light. In fact, sometimes I tell myself this very fact when I'm lying awake with my feelings. I am so happy to hear that Dad's surgery went well and pray that he heals quickly and with an optimistic heart. And happy birthday to your mother. The older I get the more blessings I notice around me and certainly any birthday qualifies as a blessing to me!!
    We are lucky to have our parents still,

    1. Hello loves-Leslie and Lynne--yes--so lucky to still have your parents. My mom is the newlywed at 85 but we lost my dad 6 years ago. I'm just so happy to know that both of you wonderful women still have your parents--every moment to be cherished--and I KNOW you do that. Sorry to interrupt....I just want you to know I totally agree with your sentiments here.

  9. Lynne, I love the image of the beautiful girl just so content holding her loaf of bread. I'm sure she was thinking one little bite. Not me, maybe at least two bites or more. So happy to hear your dad's surgery went well and is on the mend. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom too! Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration to honor your mom of 86 years. Wishing you happy awake mornings!!

  10. Hi Lynne, great news on your dad, and a belated Happy Birthday to your 86 year year old Mom, wow what a blessing to have her around.
    Love that she is the one that Planted the French in you, same could be said over here with me, yet coming from a French Grandmother and father.

    Love the first photo, are you sure she is not eating the French bread out of a bit of soothing her soul?
    And love her British style jacket, the lace cuffs folded back, those tattered jeans, so relaxed and comfortable, yet stylish at the same time.

    Beautifully written post.


  11. Hello lovely Lynn, so glad your Dad is alright, Happy 86th Birthday to your mum, what a lovely time you will have. I love the photo of the pretty french girl too. Lots of love to you all, Linda xx