Sunday, February 27, 2011

movie night food...for the grown ups...

movie night used to consist of

pizza, popcorn, soda and some sweet

treats...but now that the kids are gone

we take turns picking grown up treats!

one of our favorite movie night feasts:

 artichokes, artisan bread

and a good bottle of wine!

on Saturday night as i plated "chokes"

and prepared to serve them,

the colors caught my i thought i would

try out my new camera in the kitchen!

we usually dip the leaves and immerse the hearts

in butter...

we also have a couple favorite dips...

here are

the recipes for your enjoyment!

Curry Mayonnaise
1 c mayo
2 tsp curry powder
2 tsp butter
Melt butter in a small pan. Add curry powder.
Bubble gently for a minute or two over low heat
 to eliminate any bitterness from the curry powder.
 Cool and add to mayo.

  Pesto Mayonnaise
1 c mayo
3 Tbsp pesto sauce
mix thoroughly and adjust to taste


{with love}

Friday, February 25, 2011

i love the one she picked!

Rachel Noelle at French Farmhouse 425

announced a very chic give~a~way today!

it's a piece of French history...that has been

transformed into art to wear (and display)!


can you imagine how great this piece of 

 bijoux  de Noelle

will look with the earthy natural

fashions of spring summer 2011?


i could just see myself wearing it with

a white linen blouse, my favorite blue jeans and

a pair of great gladiator flat sandals...

 ...on the deck of Pink Door on a

summer night in Seattle having a glass of pino...


~ * visit Rachel at french farmhouse 425 * ~
for more details and an
 additional surprise!


bonne chance, mes amis!


Rachel , thank you giving us a chance

 to look French & fabulous!

{with love}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sharing today's chalkboard inspiration...

an amazing door near Buffalo...meets

~*visit Shannon South*~

"One beautiful feature at the Roycroft Inn is the quotes you see,
surrounding you, carved into doors,
on rafters, on walls by founder and philosopher, Elbert Hubbard."

...a funky little door in Tacoma!

24 {heart} FEB

~ * inside my front door! * ~

(excuse the starkness of the entry way
and the empty closet... 
we're about to tear up the tile and carpet)

have a great day!

{with love}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my sweet {jami shoe}...

my first follower...made...{her} first shoes.

wrapped with love...

~ and ~
embellished as i dreamed they would be

in true {freckled} style...

complete with a miniature {laundry} bag...

filled with tiny clay tags...

as i unwrapped...i played with some of

the pieces by hanging them on our chandie!

(this is Jason and Chrislyn's wedding invitation

from October 2009... i loved making 200

for their amazing day!)

look where i placed the tiny {freckled laundry} bag!

thank you, Jami!

i am diggin' the clay tags on my chandie!

they will look very cool with bird prints and vintage

crystals for spring! 

~ love, love, love~

after playing...i re-wrapped the

precious little shoes.

to Chrislyn and Jason...

{with love}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ruffles & the sunshine...

a perfect day with my daughter...

last Saturday was the most beautiful, sunny day here in

the Pacific Northwest!

Chrislyn & i had been planning a day together to

celebrate our birthdays...and begin  

the design process for the nursery.

we started our day at

 Ruffles & Rust. is good!
the event was P A C K E D!

it was impossible to take photographs due to the crowd.

 the two photos that i am featuring today were

taken by Isabel at Maison Douce, before the event.
a display of ironstone to die for...
~ visit Isabel ~

for the rest of the tour!


we were definately inspired and impressed with

the amazing talent and presentation.


after Ruffles and Rust,  a stop in Snohomish. 

we visited the cute shops and had lunch at Fred's! (yummy)


on the way home to Tacoma, we

popped in to the the University Village...

we checked out

the Land of Nod,
a major tug at a grandmother~to~be's heartstrings! ; )

i picked up a pie dish at Williams ~ Sonoma,

~ and, of course...
 you cannot visit the village without a peek at 


with our hearts, souls and minds filled with

inspiration...we headed south to

Chrislyn and Jason's house. it was so

touching to watch Chrislyn's excitement

as she shared her ideas and discoveries

of the day with Jason!

{with love}

Monday, February 21, 2011

my market bags...

... are not french quarter boho chic.

i used to sell these little fishnet gems in the 90's.

they hang on the door that leads to my garage.

{love} this bag.  i found it's image on etsy this weekend.
~ at ~


 if you are in the mood for a little pre- Mardi Gras

french quarter inspired's a fun vintage visit!

i could see this one hanging on my chalkboard door!


would i really want to use it as a shopping bag?

this is the closest thing that i own that could be a

chic market bag. it hangs in my closet with my scarves...

it's filled with lavender... a keepsake

from a visit to Galleries Lafayette years ago...

my monogrammed bag is from...


Trader Joe's!

~ and ~ 

my bright red bag is...


{with love}

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sea glass...

it kinda goes hand in hand

 with the whole

vintage bottle story that's

 happening out there...

the jewelry made from this little
ocean treasure will be a
perfect accessory to 
spring ~ summer 2011's
soft bohemian looks

cool silver drops


my favorites are manipulations with pearl

~ and ~

bezel settings in silver...

{ tiny windows, tumbled by nature}

a bezel set ring would be a

striking  touch on the digit finger!


this is my favorite piece of

sea glass. Jason's (my son ~in~law) dad

is a diver...he found this in the harbor at

Port Townsend. it's an old glue bottle.

have a lovely weekend!

{with love}

Friday, February 18, 2011

fashion on friday...

last night i dreamed that
i packed for a weekend

~Donna Karan~
washed cotton tunic
washed silk tiered skirt

breezy chic!

casual & comfortable...

marshmallow necklace


love story

sunshine...and soft dressing... 

~Donna Karan~
washed linen jersey tank
washed broadcloth tiered skirt

... soaking up natural vitamin D!

jersey seaweed cord with mixed
metal beads


i feel a crafty project coming on!

~Donna Karan~
washed habotai asymmetrical tunic
washed textured twill skinny pant

classic boot cut
and walks in the warm sand...
nature's pedicure!

{with love}