Monday, April 22, 2013

random cafe'... hello sunshine! ...holding onto some PacNWest garden history...goodbye Van Lierop Bulb Farm.

hello everyone!

:: ici ::

i am not one to wish away time, but it will be good to place the events of the

past week,  into the past!  i pray for a slow news week...although i know that

the terror in Boston will take some time to unravel.

may God bless the families of those lost and injured in Boston,

and West, Texas... and set the warm sunshine on HIGH,  to dry the Midwest!

... i know that He is listening because i just woke up to the most glorious


... spring-shiny day!

"un - touched plugged" ... the view from our bedroom window this morning!

this kind of weather can mean an hour in the garden before and after work!

 i'll plan a dinner for the oven to buy me some time in the

garden before dark...i'm thinking...simple meatloaf, baked potatoes and salad.

just look what i crammed into my little commuter Corolla!

( had i been driving the Expedition...i may have very well overindulged!)

as i was loading the pieces of gardening history, i was thinking...

" i have officially arrived in blogville!"  

"i'm transporting pallets and old crates 

to 34th street!"

i nested and neatly stacked the whole shebang, as i did not want to draw

negative attention or comment (from Mr D) for my newly acquired junk!  

it was a bitter-sweet experience.  the Van Lierop Bulb Farm is closing.

the farm is up for sale.

while i was visiting and packing up my memories...a van filled with

"seniors" from a nearby retirement home came to visit the beauty.

(they hold tours for our elder citizens this time of year.)

the Puyallup Valley is known for it's yearly festival of Daffodils.

it was quite appropriate that Mr. Van Lierop was selected as this year's

grand marshal of the four parades and the scheduled events.

i have two images ( blank cards) that i would love to mail to one of you.

if you are interested,  just "say so" in your comment!  i'll announce the winner on Friday!

i'm ready to head out to work...with this Monday song in my head!

"i can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
i can see all  no obstacles in my way.
gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
it’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
sun-shiny day."

(i always change the word!)

...and Mr D was totally on board with my keepsakes, bless his heart!



  1. Awe Lynne- if this is their farm in puyallup, I just drove by there about an hour ago! I didn't realize they were closing down :(

  2. Lovely!!! LOVELY!!! I SO want one of the cards!!!!!
    It's a wonderful thing to haul home more debris - that we CAN'T live without!!! - and it be welcomed by our loving husbands! Gardening is a much nicer word than YARD WORK!! I shall go out and garden - soon!!
    Love you and love hearing about what you're doing!

  3. I love how you squeeze that gardening must be your true love (after Mr. D!). So sorry the nursery is being sold, I've been going to the same one for 30 years and I would feel terrible it that happened.

    So, what cha doin with the pallets?!


  4. Hello Lynne, I am intrigued to know what you are going to do with all those lovely old pallets. It's sad about the bulb place closing, but nice that you have some mementos. Doesn't the sun make such a difference to our days. I had my first coffee in the garden on Friday, it's heavenly! Much love to you my old chum! Love Linda xx

  5. You can tell you are a true blogger when you start cramming things into your car to repurpose them...and what a great help for Earth day! Hope your whole week is wonderful. We have snow in the forecast- ugh- xo Diana

  6. Lynne, so many beautiful things in this post. What a view you have ! So sad about that gorgeous bulb farm closing. It looks like a wonderful place and it looks like you got some great finds... lucky you. Have a wonderful day...
    Ciao Bella...

  7. LUSCIOUS and wonderful images dearest Lynne! Those tulips are eternally beautiful. Anita

  8. I love to see you starting the week with a song in your heart and a trunk full of crates.....I am curious what you will do with the pallets though?? Sad that your bulb & garden store is closing; I wish I had that in my neighborhood...have a wonderful week~